Otantik Club Hotel

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Living in 17th century Bursa... A typical Bursa quarter located within the ?Botanik Park?, one of the city?s oxygen region. We used a house built in the 17th century, located at ?Elmalık Sokak? street, within the Bazaar, and the ?Çift Bacalı Ev? house, built in the 18th century in Muradiye and the ?Havuzlu Konak?, or ?Mansion with Fountain?, located at Bursa?s ?Kaplıca Sokak?, or ?Thermal Bath Street? were rebuilt according to the original houses. Since our opening in 2001, we continue at our hotel facilities consisting of two private houses and one mansion, making our guests travel in time with in 18th century atmosphere, using 21st century technology, which is professionally hidden, and offering extraordinary service quality. Our rooms furnished in Ottoman style 24 special rooms, which one different style then the others,with an understanding that reflects the Ottoman Empire?s height. Five suites, at our hotel with its total of 29 rooms, you have the opportunity, besides high comfort beds with silk-satin bedclothes, to use state-of-the-art technology such as clima, safe box, mini bar, TV and ADSL. The bathrooms, are supported by our hotel?s authentic furnishing style